Conan: Exiles

Conan: Exiles is an open world survival video game set in the fictional world of Conan the Barbarian.

You start your journey as an outlawed character, sentenced to death but rescued from the cross by Conan. As an exile, you must survive in the hostile desert, full of ruins of an ancient civilication.

Eventually, you will build a home, a fortress or even an entire city. Defend whats yours against enemy players and dominate the Exiled Lands. Even the ancient gods may be on your side.

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Ginfo Conan: Exiles - the interactive Conan: Exiles Map featuring collaboration

Ginfo provides you with the map of Conan: Exiles, lets you place tactical markers on it and automatically shares those markers with the friends in your group - without the need for accounts, a registration or other services! Simply choose a username and hop in a group together and you're good to go.

Finding and coordinating your team in the huge open world of Conan: Exiles has never been easier!

Use the integrate group chat to leave messages for your team.

Loot Icons

Ginfo shows you the location of every important resource on the map. You can choose which resource you want to be displayed in the detailed loot filter

ServerThrall Integration

With ServerThrall you can view the the positions of players on your server on the Ginfo map in real time.

To set up the integration, follow the instructions to setup ServerThrall.

You will need to be the admin of a Ginfo group. In the details panel of your group, click the 'more' button at the top right and open the 'Manage Access' dialog. Create an access token and past your groups UID and the access token into the serverthrall.config.

Thats it!

Any suggestions or feedback?

We’re always happy to get feedback and ideas from you!

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