4.8.0 - Map

Added new Map for ConanExiles Extension: Isle of Siptah


4.7.0 - Grid Update

Update the grid to match with the In-Game Map Grid


4.6.0 - Conan Exiles Release: Resource Map Update

The resource map has been updated


4.5.0 - Conan Exiles Release: Resource Map Update

We have updated now updated the Resource Map for the release of Conan Exiles

New Categories: Thralls & Obelisks


4.4.0 - Conan Exiles Release: New Map

We have updated the map for the current release of Conan Exiles


4.3.4 - New Community

Welcome our new community partner: Ruins of the Storm


4.3.3 - New Community

Welcome our new community partner: Depraved Wastelands


4.3.2 - New Community

Welcome our new community partner: Shadow Dynasty


4.3.1 - Apps & Responsive Fixes

iOS and Android Apps have been released for Ginfo Conan Exiles.

Map Layout has been fixed in responsive layout


4.3.0 - Build Improvements

A lot has been improved und the hood.


4.2.0 - Lootmap Update

Lootmap update for The Frozen North expansion


4.1.0 - Performance Improvements

Improved performance for groups with a large number of markers


4.0.0 - The Frozen North & Shapes

Map Update for The Frozen North expansion

In addition to group markers, you can now draw paths and shapes into your group. Use the marker tool at the right of the map.


3.1.0 - ServerThrall Integration

Integration with <a href='https://github.com/NullSoldier/serverthrall' target='_blank'>ServerThrall</a> allows you to track player positions on your server in real time on the Ginfo map.

You can now provide a description for your group.


3.0.0 - Map Update

The map has been update


2.0.0 - Redesign & Chat

Groups have been moved to a side bar

Group Managemeng has been moved to a side panel

A Group Chat has been added

Visibility Filter for group markers has been moved to the legend

Optimize Layout of the legend


1.4.0 - Marker Colors

Added option to choose color when creating a marker

Added button to donate for Ginfo

Easter Eggs. Literally.


1.3.0 - Grid

A grid overlay has been added to help you calling out locations

The lootmap has been updated


1.2.1 - Security Update

Fix a potential security issue


1.2.0 - Claimed Accounts

You can now claim your account with an email address and password. You can login with claimed accounts from other devices

In the groups list, you can now hide/show markers for each group.

The lootmap has been updated with a few new categories


1.1.1 - Survivethis

Added survivethis.news as a partner

When opening the site, an existing username is now loaded faster


1.1.0 - Lootmap

Added a Lootmap

The Lootmap shows you the positions of important resources and enemies on the map

If you want to contribute to the lootmap, please read >>> <a href='https://www.reddit.com/r/Ginfo/comments/5seg6e/conan_exiles_community_resource_map/'>this instruction post</a> <<<


1.0.0 - First release of the Ginfo for Conan: Exiles.

Initial Release.