Shadow Dynasty

Shadow Dynasty is an immersive Roleplay-PvP orientated server, with a large and brilliant community. We have always been one of the top rated Conan Exiles servers due to the great experiences people have and the professional admin team we have in place.…Read more

Depraved Wastelands

Depraved Wastelands is an 18+ Conan Exiles Roleplay (RP) server, established since July 2017. An ever growing community of mature, like-minded roleplayers. The Depraved Wastelands is a privately run server, with a few committed Admins to offer a support. We pride ourselves on being accepting of anyone, from experienced RPers to total newbies and people who’s first language is not English. The dedicated server is based in London, UK, however we have players from all around the world, covering all time-zones. If you’re interested to find out more, then come join our Discord channel https://discord.gg/CmhvsUw…Read more

Ruins of the Storm

Our server has a very active admin team and is directed as a tabletop-style RPG utilizing a dice system for lots of in-game scenarios. The team at ruins mods all items custom to the players request after they have completed a quest or something similar in game. We modify our map building player structures and RP hubs into the map, making your stories last and become part of our history. We have been up and running since April of 2017 and plan to be here long after launch. Come check us out at www.ruinsofthestorm.com…Read more



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